Custom Picture Frames Store

Over the last 10 years, a new breed of custom picture frame sellers has emerged: those serving online customers. Much like the internet itself, initially these companies operated on the fringes of the economy. Today, companies selling picture frames via the web make up a significant portion of the industry. This is no better evidenced then by performing an internet search. For example, for the search term “custom picture frames”, Google returns an endless list of sites. To help shoppers navigate through this myriad of online choices, we have reviewed all the sites that show up on the first two pages in Google for the search term “custom made picture frames”.

The criteria we used to complete this evaluation are as follows:Each company had to offer competitive pricing in relation to a traditional bricks and mortar store Each frame component needed to be fully customizable. This includes conservation grade materials such as multiple matting grade choices, acid-free backing and, UV-reducing Plexiglas.Only US and Canada based companies that had a live customer service department were included Each company had to have excellent quality product.

During our research, we discovered that since each frame component is customizable,designing an eCommerce site that sells custom frames is unlike any other retail item. To illustrate, not only can customers choose either wood or metal frames in any size, but they can also choose amongst hundreds of mat colors and grades, as well as several mounting board and glazing options. Indeed, every step of a frame purchase allows for some level of customization.

Therefore, any successful website has to accommodate this need and we fully recognize that designing such a website is more complex than one where the only variables are color and size.The top 3 sites that we identified in our analysis were 1) the, 2) American Frame and, 3) Graphic Dimensions.Picture Frame Guys While the other companies are over 30 years old. The first thing that caught our attention when viewing this site is the simplicity in its design. We found that we could quickly browse through the selection custom picture frames.